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Early Infant Oral Care

We love seeing babies at our office! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Dental Association (ADA), and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) all recommend establishing a "Dental Home" for your child by one year of age. For more information, please see our “First Visit” page within the “New Patients” section in the top menu.

Young Children's Dentistry

The innocence of young childhood is precious. We understand that sometimes new experiences and new faces can be intimidating. Our staff are expertly trained in working with children to put them at ease and bring out their playful curiosity. We have quiet treatment spaces set aside for those who need it, as well as additional materials to help make their care as effective yet easy as possible.


The primary focus of our in-office dental care is dental disease / cavity prevention. This consists of several components that we routinely implement:

  • Timely dental visits

  • Thorough dental cleanings

  • Fluoride varnish

  • Sealants (Read more about sealants on our Dental Topics)

  • Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine fluoride is a material that can be applied to small cavities with the goal of “arresting” them, or getting them to stop growing. It doesn’t make them go away, but it is a great holdover for children who are otherwise unable to sit comfortably or safely for a filling. It will discolor the cavity area, but often this area is already discolored, and even if not, usually a dark healthy spot is preferred over an area of decay and infected tooth structure.

Fillings and Pulp Therapy

We utilize the latest white filling materials to increase the quality and longevity of our restorations (fillings), and have a variety of materials to choose from depending on the size and location of the cavity we are treating. We have silver filling material available as well, which still has its place under certain circumstances.

When a cavity or trauma has exposed the nerve (pulp) of the tooth, we are able to diagnose the health of the nerve and provide the appropriate vital or nonvital pulp therapy to preserve the tooth if possible. This typically involves a layer(s) of material that are placed beneath the filling. Read more on our Dental Topics page.



Extractions and Space Maintainers

When teeth are beyond repair, are not falling out, or are not fitting in the mouth, we are equipped to comfortably remove baby teeth and most adult teeth.

When there is early loss of a tooth or naturally insufficient space, space maintainers are often desired. We are able to make single tooth or multiple-tooth space maintainers, which will preserve the gap until the new tooth is ready to grow in.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as Laughing Gas, is a very safe and effective means of reducing anxiety in children who are young and/or nervous about dental care. When used properly and combined with behavior guidance techniques of a pediatric dentist, it is an excellent resource that generally tends to help make otherwise difficult experiences much easier for children. Individuals on nitrous oxide are not asleep, but instead typically experience a euphoric “dream-like” state, and this state is quickly reversed within minutes at the end of the procedure. It is not a cure-all for nervous patients, but does help take the edge off. For patients requiring true sedation, we have several facilities that we generally refer out to, depending on individual factors.

Lip-Tie Surgery

Dental frenums are embryologic remnants of tissue in the midline of the oral cavity. They can occur in several locations in the mouth - one common location is the upper lip. If present and with a low attachment that is tight/restrictive, it can create excess spacing or poor cleansibility of the teeth. In these cases, it may be recommended to eliminate the frenum in a procedure called a frenectomy.

There are two ways to complete the frenectomy – with a laser or with a scalpel/scissors. We are fortunate to have a CO2 laser, the gold-standard in soft tissue laser surgery and the same type of laser cosmetic surgeons use. It allows us to perform the procedure with minimal to no discomfort to the patient, no bleeding, faster treatment time, faster recovery time, and generally better results.




For adolescents who have all of their permanent teeth and desire to get them whiter, we are able to make custom bleaching trays.

For children who have other discoloration of one or several teeth due to the way they developed or after orthodontics, resin bonding is a simple procedure we can perform to restore the natural color of the tooth.



Mouth Guards

We recommend that all athletes wear sports guards to prevent dental injuries! Regardless of the sport, why risk it? There are over the counter guards which work just as well, but if added comfort or esthetics is desired, we are able to create a custom guard.

We also advocate for night guards for children with permanent teeth who are still grinding or clenching, especially if tooth wear if visible or if TMJ pain begins to develop. We also make night guards for younger children with severe grinding.




We are partnered with a very talented on-site orthodontist who can conveniently take care of all your braces, Invisalign, fixed and removable appliance (retainer) needs. Please call for more information!

If there is a service you do not see listed that you are interested in, please call us! Chances are it is something we can take care of for you. If not, we will have a recommendation of another great local provider who can.

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